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My Library Acount: Login FAQs

Information on how to access your library account.

Logging In FAQs

What is “My Library Account”?

Your library account is your DCCCD student email account, which was created for you automatically when you registered for class.

Your DCCCD student email address and username is:  The password is the same as your eConnect account.

For example

Login Authentication Window


What can I do with “My Library Account”?

  1. You can access your account information in the Primo library catalog to see what you have checked out, when books are due and make requests for books from other DCCCD colleges. 

  2. You can log into the Interlibrary loan portal (ILL) to request books and other materials from non-DCCCD libraries.

  3. You can access databases from home or off campus.


I’m trying to log in and it isn’t taking my password.  What’s going on?

  1. Chances are this is the first time you are logging into your DCCCD student email account OR

  2. You are typing in your eCampus password instead of eConnect.


  3. You may have tried to type in your password more than 5 times. After trying to login more than 5 times, the account gets locked.

FAQs Continued.

What can I do if my account gets locked?

  1. You MUST wait for 45 minutes.  The system locks your account for 45 minutes, you cannot make any changes until after that time. 
  2. After 45 minutes, you must reset your password in eConnect.
  3. Go to and click on “Login” in the upper right side of the screen.
  4. On the login page, look for the gray box that says “Help for Returning Users”.
  5. Click on “Forgot/Reset My Password” (See picture on next page)

  1.  Fill out the form with your last name, birth date, email address, and student ID number. Then click Submit *Note: the email address here is not your student email address, it is your personal email that you used when registering for classes*. 

  1. Wait for 15 minutes.  eConnect is where your password is managed, but your email account is a separate system.  ***It takes 15 minutes for both systems to update. You may be able to log into eConnect with the new password immediately, BUT the email account takes longer to update! Attempting to login earlier, prolongs the wait time.***

  1. After 15 minutes, check your new password by logging into your email at


What if it still does not work?

Please contact a librarian at 972-273-3401.  We will help you research on the phone or email.

Alternatively, if you have a public library at a TexShare library, you can access these TexShare databases using your public library account. Contact your local public library for more information.

North Lake College Library --- Reference Desk: (972) 273-3401 --- Circulation Desk: (972) 273-3400 --- My Library Account

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