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Virtual Sustainability Library of North Lake College is a professional librarian developed resource intended to bring value added to "green" classes and beyond.

Argumentative Topics

  • Fracking: Positive or Negative Impact
  • Is climate change produced by human activity?
  • Can damage to marine life be halted?  Should government regulate unhealthy food?
  • Global Hunger
  • Is Population control the answer to increasing world population?
  • Do hazardous substances need stricter oversight?
  • Suburban Development or Green Cities
  • Public Transportation
  • Carbon Emissions and Law
  • Is democracy the answer for developing countries?
  • Should the US use travel ban to protect from ebola/infectious disease?
  • Does offshore oil drilling endanger the oceans?
  • Will immigration control reduce terrorist entry into US?
  • Should alternative energy replace fossil fuels?
  • Should the US subsidize alternative energies?
  • Will increase in oil drilling help solve US energy crisis?
  • Is nuclear power safe?  Is it cost effective

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