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Chemistry Book




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Chemistry: Foundations and Applications



Salem Science:  Contemporary Biographies in Chemistry



Chemistry Resources

Green Chemistry is design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous waste.

(Paul Anastas and John Warner)  See: Chemistry Foundations and Applications Vol. 2 (NL Reference)

Pollution Prevention Act of 1990

Atom Economy (Barry Trost, Stanford Univ.) using more atoms during synthesis of a compound.


Salem Press Science:  Careers in Chemistry


Phet Interactive Simulations (University of Colorado - Boulder


 American Chemical Society:  Chemistry and Sustainability

EPA: Green Chemistry






Business & Chemistry

Dependence on critical elements in chemical process

Transforming renewable or waste feedstocks into valuable chemicals

Reducing hazardous chemical inputs in products and processes

Minimizing energy use and emissions

Am Chem Society

Sugar Batteries--Cell Free Bioinnovations Inc. (You Tube) Dr. Joseph Rollin

  • high energy density sugar-bowered biobatters for portable biodegradable & refillable gadgets
  • Cost Reduction
  • Safety

MORE biioplastics (sugarcane waste replaces plastic pkg.)

Use of Carbon Dioxide as Solvent (elminate hazardous solvents--organic solvents/alkanes)


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