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Virtual Sustainability Library of North Lake College is a professional librarian developed resource intended to bring value added to "green" classes and beyond.

Artists and Landscapes


Artists of the American West exploration of American West   

Frederic Remington (10-4-1861 to 12-26-1909)

Charles Marion Russell (3-10-1864 to 19-24-1926)

George Catlin (7-16-1796 TO 12-23-1872)

 Lewis and Clark on the Lower Columbia

by Charles Russell


Hudson River School Artists middle 19th century

landscape painters, influenced by romanticism

Frederick Edwin Church (5/4/1826 to4/7/1900)

Thomas Cole (2/1/1891 to 2-11-1848)

Thomas Moran (2-12-1837 to 8-25-1926)


The Oxbow:

by Thomas Cole



Gale Virtual Reference Library

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

  • Hudson River School
  • Landscape Painters & Environmental Photography
  • Environmental Asthetics
  • Landscape Architecture Design & Preservation

Contemporary Fashion

The Emergence of Cinema

Music in American Life

  • Folk Music
  • Polka
  • Ma, Yo Yo
  • Bluegrass



Open Source Textbooks and Related

community art

  • Children's Art
  • Art Therapy
  • Art and Culture
  • Political Cartoons
  • Arts and Education
  • Recycling and Arts
  • Arts as Leisure


Environment and Art

Urban Planning

  • Green Space and Parks
  • Advertising Restriction
  • Beautiful Communities
  • Zoning
  • Museums & Cultural Events
  • Street art
  • Art and Libraries


  • Commercial & Residential
  • Landscape Design

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