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Black History Month 2018: African Americans in the Time of War

A curation of library and online resources representing African American History

Welcome to the Black History Month Research LibGuide.  This libguide curates resources covering African American history in the times of war. While wars are considered a large scale affair, this guide also includes transition periods that saw a lot of smaller conflicts.

Consider this a selective bibliography from the DCCCD Library print and digital collection as well as select resources from historical societies, Library of Congress and special collections.

Table of Contents

American Revolution(1700s) - Resources covering colonial life and governance. How did slavery begin? What were the arguments to have slavery? What laws were in place for slavery to exist? Did slaves participate in the American Revolution? Who is Crispus Attucks? 

Antebellum (1800-1850s) - Many armed conflicts occurred during the time between the American Revolution and Civil War. As the new nation expanded economically, politically and geographically, conflicts arose with American Indians, other nations and slaves.

Civil War (1861-65) - The many conflicts during the Antebellum period led up to the Civil War. During this time, many African Americans had to decide what and who they fought for. 

Reconstruction (1870s-1900s) - The fight for equality continues, but the after effects of the Civil War shows many struggles. Violent conflicts arise and Jim Crow laws begin to rear its ugly head.

World Wars (1900-1945) - Despite facing racism, African Americans rose to the challenge of fighting for their nation in a variety of ways. Whether enlisting in the military, becoming riveters or nurses, African Americans helped defend the United States in the World Wars.

Civil Rights (1950s-1970s) - The Civil Rights era saw many conflicts including the start of the Cold War, and U.S. involvement in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This time period is noted for many significant events including Brown vs. Board of Education and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Modern Day (1970s-Present Day) - The modern day sees many armed conflicts abroad notably the Middle East but also at home such as police brutality.

Note on Citations

Note the citations in this LibGuide are in APA 6th edition.  Many of the books and articles can be found through our library catalog by copying and pasting the titles. If it is not available through the DCCCD collection, the image or title will have a link of it's source. 

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